Building Visibility, Response, Resiliency

Chief supply chain officers (CSCO) are tasked with a range of challenging issues when it comes to managing a company’s product supply chain. To maximize productivity and efficiency, the CSCO should consider visibility, response, and resiliency the most important aspects of supply chain management.

Digital transformation is underway in supply chain management and it is evident in visibility. Manufacturing is an intricate web, complicated by the global economy and developments such as big data and sensor technology. CSCOs encourage using this data to help better understand manufacturing processes.

The Internet of Things (IoT) allows the integration of customers, the front office, and supply chain operations to provide a more holistic picture of operational efficiency. IoT makes situational awareness possible through real-time, end-to-end supply chain visibility. It is a critical enabler of obtaining real-time insight into production performance, giving manufacturers the power to identify problems and resolve them with minimal cost and disruption.

Gaining visibility into the supply chain is invaluable, but your CSCO knows that it means nothing without an informed, right-time response.

Awareness and visibility are fundamental building blocks to gaining insight into data, and are critical to understanding the correlations between supplier tiers, production, and customer demand. These connections are important as the supply chain leaves little room for error or oversight.

There is a difference between becoming aware of a problem immediately and acting upon it immediately. A crucial, yet often overlooked function of responsiveness is ensuring an organization and its partners are responding at the right time and not throwing maximum resources at every issue. Continue reading...